Data Recovery for Quickbooks

E-Tech offers the fastest and best Data Recovery service for Quickbooks available!

We repair your data file in the same version of Quickbooks. You do not have to upgrade your version of Quickbooks to use the repaired data file thus saving you from purchasing additional software you do not need.

Use our data recovery services for files from any version of QuickBooks: version 1.0 (DOS) to the current Enterprise 15.0/Premier or Pro 2015. Our engineers use the same data recovery tools used by Sybase and Intuit -- Our success rate is over 95%! This is how we are able to offer our guarantee of no charge if we cannot recover your data file. We can even repair files or issues that Intuit is unable to repair!

If you're having problems with your QuickBooks data, we can fix it. Guaranteed!

"Just like to say thank you for getting me out of a big mess, I really appreciate it. I wasted 2 hours on the phone with Quickbooks support who couldn't help yet you in the space of less than 4 hrs had saved my files.
QuickbooksFileRepair is brilliant and a big, big thank you"
Best regards, John Hinde, RBW Ltd.

Quickbooks Recoverable Error Codes:

Recoverable Quickbooks Error Codes :

The codes below are the common Quickbooks Error codes that are repairable. This is not a comprehensive list and in most cases we can recover files with other related error codes.

  • "Connection to company file has been lost" Quickbooks must close immediately. Any unsaved data will need to be re-entered.
  • "File may be damaged"
  • "System Maintenance in progress"
  • Internal database error *** ERROR *** Assertion failed errors
  • Error Codes (-6150, -1006), (-6130, 0)
  • Error Codes (-6000, -301)
  • Error Codes (-6189, -82)
  • Error Codes (-6000, -305)
  • Error Codes (-6123, -xxx)
  • Error Codes (-6177, 0)
  • Error Codes (-6000, -30)
  • Error C=88 (problem reading one or more of the data trees in the file)
  • Error C=43 (can't read transaction - usually incomplete transaction)
  • Error C=44 (can't write transaction - usually incomplete transaction)
  • Error C=47 (can't find transaction - usually while running a report or opening a file
  • Error C=53 (list item still exists after being deleted)
  • Error C=79 (problem with inventory data)
  • Error C=121 (invalid account type) | C=225 (error reading transaction) | C=291 (problem with templates)
  • Error C=315 (a generic error that can occur anywhere within QuickBooks)
  • Error C=342 (usually followed by an IPF in APPCORE.DLL - damaged data tree)
  • Error c=43 when attempting to process online transactions
  • Quickbooks Error Message: "An error has occurred."
  • Error EDLIST.C (retStatus.Succeeded()) is false/LVL_ERROR--DMError
  • Error LVL_ERROR; LVL_ERROR--Connection; LVL_ERROR--** Corrected **
  • Error LVL_ERROR--Warning: Verify Name list: totInList was xx. Should be yy
  • Error Verify list index Name: Invalid index entry
  • Error Verify Name List Item xx: View out of sequence
  • Error: Verify Name Estimate Balance failed. Name = xx
  • Error LVL_FATAL_ERROR--Cannot Continue--check for pEdList->hView == 0 failed
  • Error (pEdList->hView == 0) is false
  • Error (-6177,-0), (-6178,-0), -6108, -105 or (-6179,-0)
  • Error "This is not a Quickbooks data file or data is from a newer version."
  • Error "Please restart QuickBooks and try again. If you continue to experience this error, please note the C= value and contact technical support"
  • "Error in reload.sql at line. Sybase mesage: Invalid option 'On_error' -- no PUBLIC setting exists"
  • Error upgrading data file: Error in reload.sql at line. Sybase message: cannot convert to a timestamp. The bad value was supplied for column/row of the data file.
  • Quickbooks Error "-6150 -1006", "-6177,0", "-1,0", "C=224", "-6000, -305", (-6000, -305), -6000,301 "ASSERTION FAILED" *** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 123456 (x.0.x.xxxx)
  • Unrecoverable Error QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close

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